Frog Hollow Corp

Logo Re-Design


Frog Hollow Corp

Frog Hollow Corp located in Seattle, Washington offers over 70 years of mechanical experience in repair and rebuilding all major brands of transmissions, torque converters and differentials from Clark, Twin Disc, Allison, Funk, Volvo, and Cat. Frog Hollow Corp has been a leader in the field of off-highway and heavy equipment repair and service. They have established a reputation for quality, quick customer response and in-depth expertise. As a successful family owned and operated business, they understand their clientele and nature of the heavy equipment world.



Current logo is clip art with with Comic Sans. The logo does not reflect what the company is about, nor has a connection to the company name. The type treatment is generic and does not give a trusting or safety feeling.



Create a logo with heavy, bold, sturdy type that will give the company a look of a confident and trustworthy company. The symbol that will be with the type treatment will reflect both the name of the company and have an abstract representation of what the company is about.

Brand Style Guide
Disclaimer: This is a proposed project