LucidSight & Octopedia

LucidSight is an interactive multimedia company that designs establishment-specific educational applications. The applications focuse on helping special-needs students that will give them a better learning opportunity by using up to 90% visual learning approaches. LucidSight is useful for all students, but because these applications are heavily illustrated with minimal text, it suits the needs of those who learn more adequately from nontraditional educational methods. LucidSight designed the application Octopedia, which is an educational app that assists students in learning more about aquatic life.



LucidSight is a new company that needs branding, marketing, and a visual footprint that can be recognized across the educational community. Because LucidSight is heavily focused on sales team tactics, the branding and marketing will focus towards their goals first. Later, branding and marketing can be branched out in other aspects of the company once the sales team branding and marketing goals have been met.



Create a “giveaway” package for the sales team to give to potential and existing clients. Companies are far more memorable when clients are given free “swag” from companies. Introducing a footprint on the web will draw in more customers curiosity, and give the sales team more advantages when looking for more clients. Conference room wall art will give a visual impact and have a better connection to the client/company.

Brand Style Guide
Disclaimer: This is a proposed project