North Wales Wildlife Trust and Seasearch UK


North Wales Wildlife Trust and Seasearch UK

This voluntary design was in collaboration with the North Wales Wildlife Trust and Seasearch UK  and Capturing Our Coast in the Acute General Hospital. Event theme: Our Oceans, Our Health. This was a non-profit exhibit to help raise awareness in the declining health of the earths environment and how the general public is able to take necessary steps in-order to assist in reversing the negative impact humans have on the earth.



Jellyfish blooms have taken over many popular areas that are used for both fishing and tourism. The increases in population have been destroying fisheries, and affecting fishermen’s catches. Jellyfish have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. The blooms are also negatively affecting tourism because of the heightened population of jellyfish in the area.



Infographics are a great way to educate the public. It gives the reader both the knowledge needed to protect themselves, as well as illustrations to maintain interest and connect the readings with visuals. An infographics poster will educate the public about the links between climate change, overfishing and plankton growth with the expanding population of jellyfish.