Row House Cafe

Row House Cafe

This neighborhood bistro and bar occupies three historic arts and craft cottages built in 1904 and boasts authentic Seattle ambiance. Originally used as workforce housing for shipbuilding, the cottages have been restored to their original rustic glory and stand as one of the last remaining relics of Seattleā€™s early maritime history. The menus are inspired from old country cuisines with a unique southern comfort twist.



Row House Cafe had no advertisement plan or strategy to help pull in new customers, or have existing customers to keep returning. When work began with the Row House there was nothing but a logo and menus that were created on a Word Document templates. There was no organized database with proper file placement and file naming which caused confusion between new and old content.



Re-design menus for every category to feel as if it belongs to the same family. Create in-house promotional material for planned events, email sign-ups, private party advertisements, and holiday events. Create a branded look for print advertisements for bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly ads. Prepare future planning for marketing strategies and gimmicks to keep building a strong footprint within the community. Bring loyal customers back with discount promotions and loyalty emails for discounted items. Create a functional database that will be passed to future marketing personnel for easy navigation.